Rishabh Mehrotra


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
- Albert Einstein


  • [April, 2016] We're organizing the TREC 2016 Tasks Track. Consider participating!
  • [March, 2016] Excited to be working with Fernando Diaz on Fairness in Machine Learning/IR at Microsoft Research, New York.
  • [March, 2016] Our short paper on task based heterogeneities in user behavior accepted at SIGIR'16.
  • [March, 2016] Our work on complex search tasks accepted at NAACL'16.
  • [November, 2015] Full paper Exploiting Causal Dependencies in Online Information Seeking accepted at CHIIR'16.
  • [July, 2015] Excited to begin my internship with Susan Dumais, Paul Bennett & Jaime Teevan in the Context, Learning, and User Experience for Search (CLUES) group at Microsoft Research, Redmond.
  • [July, 2015] Full paper on Search Tasks & User Modelling accepted at the ICTIR 2015.
  • [April, 2015] Joined Microsoft Bing, London as an Applied Scientist Intern to work with Abhishek Arun & Katja Hofmann on Counterfactual Analysis.
  • [April, 2015] Full paper on Submodular Query Selection for Learning to Rank accepted at the SIGIR 2015.
  • [March, 2015] Work on Modeling user generated content via Hawkes Process accepted at the Web Science Track at WWW 2015.
  • [Feb, 2015] Our work on Search Task Hierarchies accepted at WWW 2015.
  • [December, 2014] Gave an invited talk on User Modeling & Personalization at Lumi, London.

About Me

Hi!! I am Rishabh Mehrotra, a 5th year undergraduate student pursuing B.E.(Hons.) Computer Science and M.Sc.(Hons.) Mathematics at BITS Pilani 1st  2nd year PhD student at University College London (UCL). I graduated from BITS in May 2013, following which I was at Goldman Sachs for an eventful 5 months. At BITS, I was the President of Computer Science Association (CSA, BITS Pilani) apart from being associated with the Android Mobile Computing Lab [AMCG].

Contact Me

I will be more than happy to collaborate on interesting problem statements related to Machine Learning/Web Search.



+44 7587 268 666

erishabh - at - gmail.com

r.mehrotra - at - cs.ucl.ac.uk


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